Fell Ponies and Tourism

courtesy Fell Pony Adventures

courtesy Fell Pony Adventures

The Fell Pony’s value to tourism in Cumbria has much room to grow. Its place as an iconic breed of the region can always be better promoted. Here is information on equine tourism and how it relates to Fell Ponies in Cumbria, including a list of ways Fell Ponies are already involved in tourism in the region.

  • An estimate of the economic value of a semi-wild Fell Pony to tourism in Cumbria has been calculated. To read more, click here.

  • There are numerous ways that equines can be involved in tourism activities, and the Fell Pony is already a part of several tourism activities in Cumbria.  To read more, click here.

  • The Fell Pony is well poised to address many current trends in tourism. To read more, click here.

  • Developing equine tourism doesn’t necessarily come naturally.  Equine tourism businesses are still businesses, and good business practices are therefore important and at the same time may not be well understood by equestrian entrepreneurs.  To read more, click here.

  • To read what ponies have to teach us about business, click here.

  • Sometimes the question is asked whether tourism is positive for a local economy. Research suggests that some equine tourism does play a positive role. Similarly, some equine tourism enterprises may be considered sustainable, attracting additional support. Click here to read more.

Equine tourism is more than just trail-riding, and the Fell Pony has demonstrated that it can inspire many types of tourism activities.  Britain’s national parks are apparently being told to increase their visitation by 10%. (1)  For the Lake District National Park, at least, there is ample opportunity for the Fell Pony to help with that tourism goal.

  1. Hibbs, Joss.  “Public Payment for Public Goods, Semi-wild Dartmoor Hill Pony herds,” Written submission to: HOUSE OF COMMONS AGRICULTURE BILL COMMITTEE, November 2018, p. 5.