Guards Apollo

2003 stallion
Sire:  Guards Joe
Dam:  Guards Tracey
black with white spot on left hind

I imported Apollo in 2005 after meeting him in Cumbria at the Guards stud.  In addition to the kind temperament that is so important in a stallion, Apollo is the old type, passing to his foals roundness in the body, good action, and generous quantities of mane and forelock.  He loves to play, and he and I have a good time doing so at liberty, walking, trotting, circling and backing together.  I ride Apollo around the farm but generally just enjoy his company.  His offspring are another matter:  not only do I enjoy raising them, but they do a great variety of things for their owners.  They are ridden, driven, work in harness and pack.  One son was East Coast Dressage Pony Cup Champion.  Others also do dressage as well as eventing and Pony Club and are being used for breeding.  Apollo's quality is definitely rated by his offspring and their accomplishments.

Videos featuring Apollo:

Kinniside Asi

180911 Asi 2.JPG

2016 Licensed Stallion
Sire:  Burnhead Black Bobby
Dam:  Bowthorne Marie

I am grateful to Dorothy, George, and Sarah Bradley for letting this colt come to Colorado from Cumbria.  I have been watching this line for a long time,  having met all of Asi's grandparents in 2006.  I am thrilled to finally have him here. His first foals arrive in 2019!  

Here are some videos of Asi (click on the title):

Restar Mountain Shelley III

130212 Shelley William Jen large cropped.jpg

2004 mare
Sire: Lunesdale Prince Albert
Dam: Townend Mountain Gypsy IV
Jet black with white star

In March 2017, Shelley was a finalist in the Scottish Equine Breeders Association Horse/Pony of hte Year 2016 competition.  Here is the text from her nomination:  

Shelley joined my herd of Fell Ponies when she was two years old.  She has had four foals, and her offspring are always eagerly anticipated for their tremendous willing temperaments and good conformation.  Her oldest son is licensed as a stallion and was named 2015 East Coast Dressage Pony Cup Champion Training & 1st Level.  Her other offspring have entered various breeding programs and are delights for their owners.  Shelley happily keeps my stallion company when she’s in foal.  When not consumed by motherhood, Shelley is used at home as a chore pony, often helping deliver feed to other pony paddocks, and for trail rides, often bareback, always with just a halter and lead rope because she’s that cooperative.  She safely gives children rides and has even tolerated me riding double with a puppy!  In addition to Shelley’s good representation of the breed in terms of conformation and temperament, she also has the mountain pony hardiness called for in the breed standard, which not all Fell Ponies do.  Our climate here at 9,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies puts that hardiness to the test regularly.  We are more than pleased to have her here.

Videos featuring Shelley:

Bowthorne Matty

Bowthorne Matty.JPG
160508 Matty Emma.jpg

2006 mare
Sire: Heltondale Ted
Dam: Wansfell Amanda
brown with black points

Matty is fell-bred with Sleddale ponies on her dam’s side, and Heltondale ponies on her sire’s side, including four time Supreme Champion Heltondale Black Prince III. Matty possesses the hardiness, bone and substance of the old type that I prefer and has a fun-loving temperament that makes her a joy to have around.  At the moment she is our favorite mare.  We have retained her daughter Willowtrail Mountain Honey for breeding.

Videos featuring Matty:

Willowtrail Wild Rose

151118 Willowtrail Wild Rose.jpg

2007 mare
Sire:  Guards Apollo
Dam:  Sleddale Rose Beauty
Black with white star

Rose’s birth was all I needed to justify importing Apollo. I had finally found a stallion that could help me replicate my beloved Beauty. At last I had the bone and substance and depth through the heart that I was after. Rose is an improvement on her mother in many ways and I therefore consider her a success in my breeding program. I ride Rose, work her in harness, and pack her.  Driving training is underway.  I hope Rose will be my first four-way versatile Fell Pony.  Her first foal is due in 2017.

Videos showing Rose:

  • Willowtrail Homebred Mares Trotting (2017). Click here.

  • Homebred Mares Morning Session (2017). Click here.

  • Homebred Mares During Tree Felling (2017). Click here

Willowtrail Spring Maiden

151118 Madie.jpg

2011 mare
Sire:  Guards Apollo
Dam:  Restar Mountain Shelley III

When I sold Madie as a weanling, I immediately regretted it, so I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity in 2015 to buy her back.  I'm enjoying getting reacquainted with her, and my jaw still drops whenever she trots off to her hay.  Madie is always ready to 'talk' and to try to do what I ask, so we have a lot to look forward to together.  I am riding her now and have done preliminary packing training.  Madie is expecting her first foal in 2017.

Videos featuring Madie:

Willowtrail Mountain Honey

2012 mare
Sire:  Guards Apollo
Dam:  Bowthorne Matty

Honey is slightly lighter in color than her dam, and the two of them add amazing color to the herd.  Her movement also makes my jaw drop, and she is fun to work with because she wants to learn.  I have started ground driving her, and I dream of someday driving Honey and her mother as a striking pair.  I will breed Honey for the first time in 2017 for a 2018 foal.

Videos featuring Honey:

RIP:  Sleddale Rose Beauty

1987 - 2015
Sire:  Lunesdale Lucky Jim
Dam:  Sleddale Rosemary
jet black with white star

Beauty came from the longstanding Sleddale stud in Cumbria where Fell ponies have been bred for generations. In 1991, her dam Sleddale Rosemary was judged to embody “the best qualities” and to be “true to type” by the judge who placed her first. Beauty was selected for export to the United States by Sarge Noble of the renowned Heltondale stud and then-Secretary of the Fell Pony Society Rachel Bell with help from Libby Robinson of the Globetrotter Stud. According to LIbby, Sarge and Rachel both felt Beauty was “a fine example of a Fell pony to show to another country.” Beauty was tough, hardy, and had lots of bone and substance. She did her best to guide me in the stewardship of the breed. She produced five foals in her nine years with me and three for her previous owner.  Her offspring by Guards Apollo are a thrill as they are very much of the old type.

Videos featuring Beauty: