Buying a Fell Pony

When you buy a pony from me, you are buying more than a hairy animal with four hooves.  Each pony that passes through my life enters my heart and takes a bit of it with them when they leave.  I feel a great responsibility to place my sale ponies in homes that are a good match for their temperament, conformation, and expected use.  I stay in contact with my buyers;  many of them have become friends.  I will not sell a pony into a breeding situation unless I feel it will contribute well to the breed.

I believe that every pony has an innate personality and that there can be personality conflicts with humans.  Having experienced this myself, I endeavor to make good matches between pony and buyer and therefore do not sell ponies before they are born.

Fell Ponies mature slowly and should not, in my opinion, be ridden before four years of age; Fell Pony Society ridden classes only allow ponies four years old and up.  Fells are typically not put into regular hard work until after seven years of age.  Waiting this long ensures them a long and active life.  Some ponies are ridden and driven well into their twenties.

Training and Handling at Willowtrail Farm

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Many people appreciate that my ponies are accustomed to the everyday things in life, from leading and tying to hoof handling and trailer loading, things that some other Fell Ponies on the market may not have.  I have produced several videos that demonstrate the types of training my ponies receive.  Click on a video title to watch:





Mature Ponies


Fell Ponies for Sale

Willowtrail Theo - 2018 black gelding

Willowtrail Theo

Willowtrail Theo

Sire: Guards Apollo
Dam: Bowthorne Matty

Theo is a solidly built, solid black boy. He is always the first to come greet me when I appear, so the picture above is a rarity! He always tries to stick his head in a halter before I have it ready for him. He leads, stands tied, is good about his feet, and rides in a trailer. Theo got his name both from his dam’s sire but also his habit of doing circles around his dam when he was first born. To see a video of Theo at three days old, click here. To see a video of Theo at play, click here. To see a video of Theo’s domestic side (handling), click here.

If you're interested in finding out if Theo would be a good fit for your Fell Pony hopes desires, and dreams, click here.

2019 foals

I am grateful for the interest shown in the ponies I so carefully breed.  If you would like to stay in touch about any 2019 foals I will have for sale, click here  To read about how my waiting list works, click here.

Why Not to Buy a Pony

Click here to read this (somewhat) tongue-in-cheek blog post.  Hint:  Fell Ponies are addictive; it's hard to own just one!

Fell Pony Consulting

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If you are new to the Fell Pony breed and are considering investing in quality stock, it's important to have good information on which to make informed purchase decisions.  For a modest fee, my in-depth knowledge of the breed is available to discerning Fell Pony enthusiasts.  Click here to read my article "Fell Pony Data Scientist" that describes my approach to research about the Fell Pony breed.  Use the form at right to contact me about consulting on your Fell Pony adventure.

Here are some comments from satisfied clients:

Thank you for your help.  You definitely steered me in the right direction to a pony that was properly raised, so hopefully I will have him for a long time.
Thank you so much.  It is a great relief to have you as a true sounding board.
You’re the best! Thank you for following up.
You are delightful.


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Finding good transportation has become a little more challenging recently because the big shippers that I've used in the past aren't as reliable as they used to be.  Fortunately I've now had three good experiences with JNS Equine Transport.    Contact me for other current recommendations using the form at right.

Some shippers prefer to travel the interstates, which are about two hours from Willowtrail Farm.  I charge an additional $200 to meet trucks in either Laramie, Wyoming (I-80) or Fort Collins, Colorado (I-25).

If you are buying or selling an equine and need to have them moved, you might be interested in my articles on preparing an equine for travel.  Click here for "Hoof Trimming and Other Travel Preparations"   and request "Pre-Travel Nutritional Preparations" by filling out the form at right.

If you are considering importing, request my write-up on my most recent experience in the March 2014 issue of Fell Pony News from Willowtrail Farm (fill out the form at right.)