Slow Sleddales 2/Maturation

This article appears in the May 2014 issue of Fell Pony News from Willowtrail Farm.


Bowthorne Matty and Willowtrail Mountain Ranger

Bowthorne Matty and Willowtrail Mountain Ranger

  • This past winter, Matty visibly changed and matured as she turned from seven to eight years old.
  • I watched Matty’s bone increase, leaving her in wonderful proportion throughout in the bone and substance department.

  • Willowtrail Mountain Prince, Matty’s two year old son, gave me reason this spring to ponder the slow maturing rate of ponies with Sleddale blood.

  • One of the concerns I had about Prince as stallion potential was that he seemed to lack bone.  

  • At the same time that I was scheduling Prince's castration appointment at two years old, I realized his bone was increasing.

  • I began pondering how we choose stallions in this breed today..

  • Colts must mature in the bone department relatively quickly if they are to pass the licensing exam at two years old. 

  • After my experience with Prince, I began wondering how many good quality colts are neutered just because they are slow to mature.

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