Fells on the fells and Wild Horses on the Range

This article originally appeared in the April 2015 edition of Fell Pony News from Willowtrail Farm.  The image here was kindly lent by Alison Wales Bell of the Lownthwaite Fell Pony Stud.


  • Fell Ponies get their name from the hills in the north of England. 
  • Many of their defining characteristics have formed from their presence there.   
  • In the last five years, there have been seemingly conflicting reports about Fells on the fells and their future on the hills that give them their name. 
  • In two cases environmental stewards have made decisions that adversely affected Fell Pony herds. 
  • In two other cases environmental stewards have embraced Fell Ponies to help them with their conservation work. 
  • I have found the situation complex to watch at a distance.

This thorough treatment of the status of Fell Ponies on their native fells is a must-read for all passionate stewards of our breed.

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